Activity Detail

Description : COMMUNITY SERVICE - Sarawak Branch in Collaboration with Family Planning Association Sarawak 
Activity Date : 2/1/2011 
Activity Time : 10:00:00 AM to 4:00:00 PM 
Venue / Location : Sarawak Hospital Convention Centre 
Content : MNA Sarawak Branch in collaboration with Sarawak Family Planning Association annually hold a gathering for needy children. Most of them are orphans. They try to give the children a good time and present them with presents which are useful for them; school satchels, uniforms, shoes, stationery. Upmost in their mind is that every child must have the opportunity to receive a good education to improve their quality of life.   
Published Date : 5/3/2011 to 4/9/2011 

Activity Photo

picture 1 Sarawak Branch Chairman Matron Fu Choon Kee with a few of her committee members giving a hand with some games to give the children a good time which they seldom get to enjoy.  

picture 2 Some children looking happy and excited, some still looking puzzled as to what the game is all about.  

picture 3 Matron Fu in collaboration with Family Planning Association committee members giving out the gifts they have brought for the children.  

picture 4 This recipient looks very serious and all set to study hard. He has his spectacles and his satchel with the things he would need to attend school, receive an education and start the journey for a brighter future.  

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