Tokoh Jururawat 2005
Award Recipient For The Year :

Prof. Siti Rabikhatun Bte Dato Mohd. Zain was  among the first few Malaysian nurses who had a Masters Degree and was the 2nd nurse promoted Associate Professor.

For her unfailing dedication to nursing education, she was acknowledged Tokoh Jururawat for the year 2005. Prof Siti Rabikhatun was the Hon. Gen. Secretary from 1991 to 1993 and the MNA President for the years 2000 to 2003. 

Venerable Lyan Shih (previously Miss Kok Kee Har) was a nurse tutor of midwifery and many can attest to her superb teaching. She however has been awarded for her work in the community. She started the Pure Lotus Hospice in Penang. The terminally ill cancer patients can always find sanctuary there to seek care, relief from pain and worldly cares.

The home is for all regardless of race, sex or religion.

She has also a home for unwed mothers. Families of AIDS victims are also another branch of her concern. MNA honours her for her limitless concern for the welfare of the needy. she now stands as a beacon for the nursing community.


  Dayang Annie Bte Abg. Narudin in her quiet unassuming way was chosen for the award for services given. Though quiet, she has the tenacity and commitment to see a project through. Many can see her strengths and courage and have honoured her with the Tokoh Jururawat.

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