Tokoh Jururawat 2009
Award Recipient For The Year :
Award recipient of excellence in Service
Name : Fu Choon Kee
Date of Birth : February 6th  
Place of Bitrh : Kuching, Sarawak
Place of Work : Hospital Umum Sarawak
Duration of Services : 31 Years
Professional Qualifications: : General Nursing, Midwifery
Neonatology Nursing
Geriatrics and Stroke
HIV / AIDS Counselling
BSC (Hons) in Nursing
Master Human Resource Development and Management
Area of Expertise : Clinical Nursing Management and Human Resource Management Infectious Disease
(HIV / AIDS Counselling and Support and Geriatrics and Stroke)

Ms Fu Choon Kee, a Matron (JU42) is in charge of Sarawak General Hospital. She is a life member of the MNA. She currently resides in Kuching, Sarawak and has been actively involved in community work through various non-government organizations, helping the unfortunate, the marginalized and those with social problems. Currently she is also the Chairman of the MNA Sarawak branch. Ms Fu has been working as a nurse for 31 years since 1978. She had served in many hospitals in Sarawak, ranging from small district hospitals to divisional hospitals. All these years, Ms Fu has been working hard and had been recognized with a number of excellent awards in 1992, 1993 and 2007. She holds many qualifications - Registered General Nursing, Midwifery, Neonatology, Nursing, Geriatric and Stroke Nursing, HIV / AIDS Counseling, BSc (Hons) in Nursing and Masters degree in Human Resource Development and Management. Her area of speciality naturally is in Clinical Nursing Management and Human Resource Management, Infectious Diseases, HIV /AIDS Counseling and Support as well as in Geriatrics and Stroke Care.

She has been actively involved in the community and is the state coordinator of the home care programme of Sarawak, both for hospitals and non-government organizations. She is the nursing superintendent of Sarawak Red Crescent Society and had been awarded with many levels of recognition in these societies. Ms Fu is also chairman of the Counseling and Support for People Living with HIV / AIDS of Malaysia, Sarawak. Apart from that she has also conducted many outreach activities to less fortunate children and women. In recognition of her contributions, she was awarded Dr Siti Hasmah's Award Malaysia in 2004.

During the Nipah Virus outbreak, she left her family and home for three months, and spent time in the affected areas to conduct the study with WHO and was subsequently awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation from Atlanta, the USA. She is also an active member of Rotary club Kuching City South, carrying out vocational activities at village and home for the unfortunates, her excellent work did not go unrecognized - she had been awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation by the Rotary Club at State and Regional levels. The Sarawak State Government has also recognized her outstanding contributions and she was awarded with the PPT.

Ms Fu began active participation in the Malaysia Nurses Association since 1984. She has served as an area representative for Limbang and Lawas where she targeted and managed to achieve 100% recruitment of staff nurses as members of the MNA. As the Chairman of the MNA Sarawak Branch, she is actively developing team effort collaboration with other non goverment organizations to build up a culture of providing community services through Health Screening, PAP smear campaign, HIV / AIDS prevention, harm reduction, prevention of stroke and promoting Health Living in the villages. Through efforts of doing good deeds to help the less fortunate and needy families, Ms Fu has built a good image of the Malaysian Nurses Association in Sarawak.

Award recipient of excellence in Education
Name : Rafiah Mohd Salleh
Place of Bitrh : Johor
Place of Work : University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC)
Duration of Services : 36 Years
Professional Qualifications: : State Registered Nurse (SRN)
State Certified Midwife (SCM)
Certificate of Nurse Tutor
Bachelor of Nursing (La Trobe University)

Ms Rafiah of Subang Jaya, is a life member of the Malaysian Nurses Association. She has more than 35 years of service in nursing at the University of Malaya Medical Centre. Although she has just retired in 2008, she is back in UMMC working as a Project Manager for the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation project. Ms Rafiah joined UMMC as a student nurse in 1970 and upon completing her basic nursing course, she continued her association with UMMC as a staff, where she had worked in surgical, medical, paediatric, maternity as well as in the outpatient units. She became a Nurse Tutor after completing the Nurse Tutor Course at Advanced Nursing Education Programme in 1981, was posted to the School of Nursing for a number of years and was transferred to the Advanced Nursing Education Programme (ANEP) in 1993. In 1999 she was promoted as Head of Professional Development Programme andshe held this post till her retirement in 2008. Her professional qualifications are: Registered Nursing, Midwifery, Nurse Tutorship and Bachelor of Nursing from La Trobe University in Melbourne. In 1999, she was sent for an attachment to Perth, Australia to study the oncology care there, on returning she developed the first Oncology Nursing course for UMMC.

During her time as staff ANEP and head of PDP, Ms Rafiah participated in the development of many new programmed such as oncology, paediatric, trauma and emergency, critical care, perioperative and renal nursing for the UMMC. She was responsible for developing the first Diabetic Educator Course in Malaysia in 2003. This course is an advancement of the Diabetes Clinic Management Course, which is a joint programmeof UMMC with the Ministry of Health. With her expertise in nursing education, she became one of the consultants and coordinators to the Ministry of Health, Sudan and helped to train a number of Sudanese nurses in various clinical specialty courses as well as nurse tutors. Ms Rafiah is also involved in UMMC's teaching activities such Induction programme, Management Course for Administrators, Basic Nursing programme and other in-service programmes for nurses, administrators and attendants. She was also an internal Auditor for Quality programme from 2002-2008.

As an active member of MNA, Ms Rafiah has been involved as a Secretary of the Selangor Branch (1982-1989), Secretary of the Nursing Standard Committee (1991-1992), Sub editor (1995-2000) and Editor (2000-2002) of Journal of MNA (JOMNA). She was Chairman of Nurses' Day Celebration in UMMC in 2006, Scientific Chairman of the Special Interest Group (Management) Workshop on Leadership in 2007. In 1983 she was the Secretary of the Fundraising Committee of the Selangor Branch and was able to help raise RM16000 for the Building Fund. She is also active in publication of articles and has attended many activities of the MNA as well as other organizations such as conferences, seminars, workshops at national and international levels. With her many contributions to the nursing profession, she has received many excellent awards and recently she was awarded the Ahli Mangku Negara by the Yang DiPertuan Agong in 2008.

Award recipient of excellence in Community
Name : Rebecca Ramayah
Place of Bitrh : Penang
Place of Work : Masterskill College of Nursing and Health (Ipoh Campus)
Designation : Deputy Principal of Nursing
Duration of Services : 41 Years
Professional Qualifications: : General Nursing (State Registered Nurse) in Penang
Midwifery Division 1, Hospital Besar Penang
Public Health Nursing - Institute of Public Health Kuala Lumpur
Advanced Certificate in Nursing Administration University Malaya
BSC (Hons) in Nursing (University of Sunderland, the UK)
Area of Expertise : Community Health Nursing Reproductive Health
Awards : Excellent Service Awards (1992 - MOH)
Excellent Service Awards (2004 - MOH)
Study Awards to Adelaide (2002 - MOH)
Tokoh Jururawat 2007 (Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri)
Tokoh Jururawat 2009 (MNA Perak branch)
Pingat Pangkuan Negara (PAN) 2003 (DYMP Yang Di Pertuan Agong)

Ms Rebecca is a life member of MNA and currently resides in Ipoh, Perak. She is currently working as the Deputy Principal of Nursing of Masterskill College of Nursing and Health, Ipoh Campus. Ms Rebecca has served as a nurse for more than 41 years, her area of expertise being in community health with the Ministry of Health Malaysia. She joined nursing in 1968 as a student of School of nursing, Penang. During her career as a nurse, she gained qualifications in the filed of Midwifery, Public Health Nursing, Nursing Administration and finally obtained a BSc (Hons) Nursing from Sunderland University. She served in various Maternal and Child Health Clinics and had the opportunity to conduct many home deliveries. As traditional births attendants played a major role in midwifery, Ms Rebecca was given the responsibility to conduct training and to supervise these traditional birth attendants in ensuring quality maternity care is provided to mothers in the rural areas. Her strong desire to serve the community at the forefront led her to take up the Public Health Nursing course in 1976 so that she is better prepared to face the challenges of the community health care. With her determination and excellent work ethics, Rebecca was promoted to Public Health Sister in 1979, and posted to Manjung, Perak. She took up the one-year Nursing Administration course ot the Advanced Nursing Education Programme conducted by Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya to help her be a better nurse administrator.

Upon completion of the course, she was posted to the district of Hilir, Perak and was given the task of looking into reducing the maternal and prenatal mortality in the district and was successful in her endeavour. During her work in the health centre, she faced a lot of hardship where the only means for her to reach to the villagers was by boat. In 1986 to 1998, a period of 12 years, Ms Rebecca was given the task to train midwifery students in domiliciary care. In 1998, she was promoted to Health Matron (U36) and later promoted to Matron (U38) and was posted to Family Health Division Ministry of Health. Here she was enttrusted to be responsible for the development of Public Health Nursing Services, formulation of policies and guidelines in Primary Health Nursing Care. One of her outstanding contributions was to ensure the completion of the draft of the "Home Care Nursing Policy" which was accepted and approved by the midwifery Board in 2004.

Upon retirement, she pursued her studies in BSc Nursing programme with the University of Sunderland. Rebecca is an active member of the MNA. She was the Vice Chairman of Penang Branch and the Chairman of the Perak branch for many years. She conducted many community services and health screening activities in the Orang Asli settlements, estates, orphanages, nursing homes and in remote villages. She was active in recruiting members for the MNA for her branch. Ms Rebecca was also active in St. John's Ambulance as a trainer from 1990 to 1998. She was entrusted to plan and organize nursing teams to handle the worst floods in Seberang Jaya and the Japanese Encephalitis outbreak in Tasek Gelugor in 2000. Her good work has not gone unrecognized and she has receieved Excellent Service Awards (1992 and 2004 - MOH), Study Awards to Adelaide (2002 - MOH) Tokoh Jururawat 2007 - (Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri), Tokoh Jururawat 2009 - (MNA Perak Branch), Pingat Pangkuan Negara (PAN) - (1993) Yang DiPertuan Agong.

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